Rated Pet Friendly Hotels

With thousands of destinations to choose from, RatedPetFriendlyHotels.com brings you direct access to premiere hotels that cater specifically to pet owners. Our pet friendly travel agents have scoured the globe in order to discover the perfect hotels that allow pets, and have found incredible deals on dog friendly vacations for you and your pooch. We believe, as you do, that our pets are indeed a part of the family and when we take trips they should be able to join us wherever we go.

Your dog knows what it means when you pull out your suitcase, you’re leaving and they’re staying put. We can all agree that traveling is a fun and fulfilling experience but leaving a cherished member of the family behind detracts from the getaway. Our love of animals combined with the need for a robust, no-nonsense pet travel site inspired us to create RatedPetFriendlyHotels.com.

Times have changed for pet owners like you as more and more hotels and travel destinations open up their doors and invite our four-legged friends to stay the night indoors. In fact a quarter of dog owners took their pooch on a trip out of town for at least two nights and that number is rapidly rising. No matter where you're going, we can help you find the ideal pet friendly hotel for the trip.

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